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The only fretboard trainer app that let's you practice with your own guitar.


How to use this app?

The concept is pretty simple: Play the displayed note and see how many you can play in one minute. Repeat.

How to make progress?

You will make progress if you play regularly. This app will help you to keep motivated and directly see the results. Here are some challenges to keep you engaged. Jump to the next level if you can instantly pick the correct note.

Level 1: Play in the first three frets.

You can do a lot here. But most guitar player will never get out of this.

Level 2: Only play the bass notes on the 6th string.

This is the foundation for using bar chords along the neck.

Level 3: Now switch to the 5th string.

You are now ready to rock along every song using power chords.🤘

Level 4: Use 5th and 6th string but only half of your fretboard.

Now you do not need to jump that far for power chords. Feels good right?

Level 5: Even more frets: 5th to 7th.

Keep going. You are halfway through.

Level 6: Reach the crazy solo area in 8th to 12th fret.

That's it. You mastered it. 🎸 Sure you can keep going up and up. Now lean back and help other challengers by thinking about new levels. Any idea?